Cover story on Indonesian election, 1999

I’ve been working for The Wall Street Journal since 1997. I started out as a Page One Editor, but shifted back to reporting in the run-up to Suharto’s downfall in Indonesia in 1998. I was based in Jakarta for the Journal, and for its sister publication the Far Eastern Economic Review, until 2005, when I moved back to Hong Kong as deputy editor of the Weekend section of the WSJ Asia.

From 2000, in addition to my duties as one of two Indonesia reporters, I wrote a weekly column on personal technology. When I took time off from reporting duties to write a book on Suharto, I continued to write the column. The column moved to the Review in 2001, where it was given the name Loose Wire, and then back to the Journal in late 2004 when the Review shifted to a bimonthly publication.

The column was carried for several years in The Wall Street Journal Europe and ran online since 2000. The column stopped running in 2008.

I now consult for the Journal on editorial issues but do not write for them at present.

Loose Wire @ WSJ.com

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