I’m available for public or in-house speaking engagements on technology- and journalism-related topics. My style is humorous but authoritative, of interest both to those unfamiliar and familiar with technology. Audiences have included those in advertising, PR, media, banking and travel.

Topics include:

  • technology and the individual: how it can mess up our day, but how it can also make a bit difference.
  • the rise of New Media: how citizen journalism and bloggers are changing news
  • blogs, RSS, wikis and Facebook: what do they mean for your business and profession
  • a history of the Internet for those who are still a bit confused
  • technology and power: how politics has changed because of information technology
  • after-dinner reminiscences after 20 years of being a journalism in Asia

I usually talk about the impact of technology on the individual – My style is like my writing: light, aimed as much at entertaining as informing. I have spoken at conferences, in-house gatherings and public events.

Here’s a video of me speaking at the Asia Pacific Media Forum in November 2006:

Please email me for details.

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