Loose Wire Service

LOOSE WIRE service: a syndicated technology column for the ordinary reader.

Loose Wire Service offers newspapers a high quality column from an established technology columnist ( The Wall Street Journal, BBC World Service) at a reasonable rate.

Why? Newspapers may be cutting budgets, but they still need to differentiate themselves from competitors by offering quality content on topics that readers care about. One key topic is technology. Not just technology for the technically literate, or business news about technology stocks, but about the technology that readers face in their day to day lives – from fixing a printer to understanding what MySpace and Facebook are. Readers of every age crave technology writing in a language they can understand and enjoy. But it’s not easy to come by. And it’s expensive to hire staff to do it.

What is Loose Wire Service? It’s a weekly 600-1,000 word column, written by WSJ and BBC technology columnist Jeremy Wagstaff, taking a light-hearted look at personal technology. Subjects are topical in nature, exploring problems that readers may face in their daily lives, tackled in an amusing and informative way. Recent topics include:

  • Should you blog?
  • How to set up a news reader
  • The meaning of Twitter
  • How to fix a computer that won’t start without having a heart attack

What’s the deal? The column is delivered by email to subscribers on a weekly basis. For a fraction of what they’d pay for commissioned/freelance content, subscribers are guaranteed “local exclusivity” – no other publication in their print distribution area will be offered Loose Wire Service for as long they remain a subscriber. Subscribers pay per article, with a minimum subscription of three articles per month. Subscribers are required to include a brief tagline outlining Jeremy’s background and linking to his website .

For more details email me.

Past Loose Wire Service columns are here (password protected; drop me a line for access).

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