Loose Wire Blog

I started keeping a blog in 2002 when I found myself writing about blogging and feeling it would be hypocritical to be so positive about it all and not have one myself. I wrote a brief piece about the lessons I’d learned from the experience here.

The original version was on Blogger (it’s still there); then I moved it over to TypePad, where it still is, despite a half-hearted shift to WordPress. Whoever hosts it when you read this, you will be able to find it here, I promise.

Loose Wire Blog is where I prattle on for an audience used to blogs and some of the technology and social issues involved. It’s definitely not everybody’s cup of tea, which is why I’m not on the A-list.

A lot of people ask me whether it’s worth the hassle to continue updating it; quite honestly it’s no hassle. I like the discipline of trying to find something worthwhile to update it with, and nowadays, with so much stuff out there for people to read, there’s less pressure to try to be a one-stop shop for readers, meaning I can be a bit more relaxed about leaving the blog fallow for a day or two if there’s nothing exciting to report.

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