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My column on personal technology appeared in Dow Jones publications The Wall Street Journal and the Far Eastern Economic Review between 2000 and 2008.

I’ve focused on writing about technology from a user’s point of view, reducing the mystery and mumbo-jumbo that surrounds technology in the workplace, in society and at home. My main goal has been to make readers feel they’re not left behind or foolish for asking basic questions.

The formula has worked. The column quickly gained a loyal readership in North America, Europe and Asia, reaching more than two million paying readers and generating a regular and diverse mailbag. Writing the column has convinced me that technology is too central to people’s lives to be left to techie writers and the tech pages. It needs to be written by people sensitive to the needs and concerns of ordinary readers in a way that entertains, comforts and inspires them.

I now syndicate the column directly to print clients, via the Loose Wire Service.

For examples of columns and other technology writing, check out the Columns section on the right. Here are some downloadable samples (PDF format):

Loose Wire WSJ column on Semapedia

Loose Wire WSJ column on keyboards

Loose Wire column on Tramigo

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