Loose Wire


What is Loose Wire?
Loose Wire is the name of a technology column that ran in the Far Eastern Economic Review, and now runs in some editions of The Wall Street Journal. It has also become the name of my company, a book, and a raft of projects, products and services associated with it. More is planned.

Why Loose? Why Wire?
I’m not sure. It was dreamed up by my editor as the title of the technology column I was writing at the time. The name ended up to be quite apt for what I was trying to do, which was to be something of a loose cannon, firing off opinion in all directions, but we also quite liked the idea of a loose wire inside the machine, not exactly serving any purpose but still there because no one wanted to find out what happened if it was removed. That’s me.

What about the blog?
True. There’s also a loose wire blog, which has been going since 2002. I started writing it because I wanted to write enthusiastically about blogging and I felt it would be somewhat hypocritical of me to do so without actually having one myself. (More about the blog here.)

And the book? How about plugging the book?
Good point. There’s a Loose Wire book, which is a collection of Loose Wire columns updated and arranged by theme. If I say so myself, it’s a good place to start if you’re new to all this tech stuff, and even oldies find it a useful read. I suspect most copies are bought as presents by people who are tired of relatives and friends asking them to fix their printer/laptop/mouse/social life.

So what’s this Loose Wire Service thing?

It’s a subscription service for print and online publications, giving them a weekly column at a reasonable price. More details here.

And Loose Wire Pte Ltd? What’s that?
That’s the company I run in Singapore that handles all these bits and pieces. There’s no website as yet.

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