Gallery: General stories

With the head of the first UN mission to Cambodia, 1989

The first 12 years of my time in Asia I wrote primarily about political and business events. Technology interested me, but primarily as a way to get stories out before the guy from AP. Here’s a selection of stories I wrote from 1988 to 2000:

Dark Before Dawn

The inside story of how Indonesia’s Abdurrahman Wahid stole the presidency via the backdoor

Faking It

An investigative piece that proved how photos depicting the rape of Chinese Indonesian women in the 1998 riots were fake.

Fault Lines

A portrait of Indonesia on the verge of revolution as it grapples with the economic crisis in early 1998.

Vietnam’s Vets

The first Western journalist in a Vietnam military hospital for troubled war veterans.

Kabul’s Traffic Cops

The last thing working in the Afghan capital under the Taleban.

Club Taleban

Except for the Intercontinental, that is.

The Dying Island

A prize-winning piece on a forgotten island on the fringes of Hong Kong.

Timor’s Trampled Faithful

Life inside Indonesia’s gulag.


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  1. The link to ‘Faking It’ is broken


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