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Jeremy Wagstaff is a writer, consultant, teacher, trainer, editor and researcher on technology and other subjects.

He is the creator of the Loose Wire column, which for eight years ran in the The Wall Street Journal (more details here); his columns appear in numerous other publications and he writes, among other things, the Loose Wire Blog. He has weekly radio slots on the BBC World Service’s Business Daily and ABC’s Radio Australia. A guide to technology, also called Loose Wire, is available in book form via Amazon.

Before that he worked as foreign correspondent and editor in more than a dozen countries for Reuters, the Far Eastern Economic Review and The Wall Street Journal. He has lived and worked in Asia since 1987 and is currently based in Singapore/Jakarta.

Non journalist work:

In addition to writing and speaking on technology, he teaches journalism, and as a trainer helps journalists in blogging and online journalism.

He undertakes editing work for clients needing fast, accurate and professional work on manuscripts, articles, books and other content.

He consults for software and web companies in usability and other end-user issues.

He is currently also writing a book about the late President Suharto of Indonesia.

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