April 27, 2009

(This website is currently under reconstructive surgery. Please go here for now. JW)

I’m a writer, commentator and broadcaster on technology and innovation.

Between 2000 and 2008 I wrote a weekly column for The Wall Street Journal’s Asian and Online editions. I record a weekly piece for the BBC World Service’s Business Daily.

jw068.jpgI also work as a consultant to companies, individuals and institutions on issues relating to technology, social and traditional media, and innovation.

When I’m not doing that I teach and train students and journalists in media, online media, blogging, the whole social media thing.

I also work with organisations like The Carter Center on election related issues.

When I’m not doing that, I’m writing a book on Indonesia’s late president Suharto.

This website — via the links on the right — should answer any questions you have, or give you ways to contact me if it doesn’t. I’d love to hear from you.

(If you’re pitching me a story, I’d ask you to read the Guidance for PR page first.)


One comment

  1. hi jeremy wagstaff, I knew you through your column in The Jakarta Post. Well your column really gives me deep insight into technological advances in internet. But I curious though, based on your article above, why do you want to write about Indonesia’s Late president Soeharto? (because I am an indonesian, so I want to know) I mean, yeah President Soeharto has been a great part of indonesia’s history. But I just want to hear your answer for this question of mine. Again, nice reading your article in The Jakarta Post. 😛

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